This section describes the REST API that allows external applications to make direct requests into Cloud and manipulate its data objects - sessions, devices, paths, etc.

API Console

You can explore the REST API at the following URL: https://[your_tenant], where [your_tenant] is the name of your Cloud tenant (e.g.

In order to exercise the API from the interactive API UI, you will need to enter a token in the “OAuth2 Access Token” field. The API uses an OAuth2 authentication mechanism, and the token is required in order to secure the access to data, which is proprietary to the tenant. To obtain a token, follow the steps described in the Configure an Access Point and Generate Authentication Tokens.

API Console

The REST API can be invoked from a third party application to programmatically read/update/create instances of the above types of objects. The following Cloud objects are accessible through the REST API:


A session represents a time bound support interaction in which an agent delivers support to a customer. A session: Has attributes such as the agent delivering service and the customer receiving it. Can be comprised of one or more sessiondevices.


A sessiondevice represents the interaction between an agent and a customer’s device/endpoint. A sessiondevice is contained in a session and has as its main attribute the device that is being serviced. Can be comprised of one or more sessionpaths.


A sessionpath represents the support solution delivered during a sessiondevice. It is an execution instance of a GuidedPath.