Get step-by-step, contextual customer support in your app

Cloud-based software that optimizes technical support interactions and lets you create happier customers in record time.

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• Embed customer self-support with contextual search and Guided Paths®
• Seamless escalation to agent-assisted support
• Advanced remote support in your iOS, Android®, or web app.

API Integration

Enhance your product with® Cloud. Integrate with our API today!


- Deep integration with® Cloud
- Open APIs to create and manage sessions and users
- Developer has to build her own UI

Portal UI Integration

- Deep integration with Cloud
- Developer does not have to build her own UI

Guided Path Apps

- Ability to dynamically push diagnostic and fix-it software

Key Features

Self Support

Enhance the customer service experience with Guided Paths®, our easy to follow, step-by-step guidance with built-in logic.

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With one touch, customers can connect with your live support team, and even take and upload pictures to provide agents with a better view of the problem – fast.

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Remote app support

Support teams can see and troubleshoot apps in real time for a seamless customer support experience.

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